We took the kids to visit the in-laws and take a trip to the ranch.  The kids and I love going to the ranch and feeding all the cows, horses, bulls, and baby calves.  There is lots of work to be done, and it is lots of fun to help do it.  Alonzo loved riding in the truck with Ashton.  Whitney and Luke like just being with everyone outside doing some work and looking at the baby calves.

Heading to feed the baby calf with the bottle.

Alonzo taking his turn feeding Rambo.  His name is Rambo because he likes to ram into you to get his milk.

Whitney feeding  with the bottle.

What a beautiful country-side.

I’m so glad Ashton could come spend the morning with us.

We love grandma and grandpa!  Thanks for letting us come visit you and see the ranch.